Science at Woking HE Group

We are having 2 science taster sessions with Little Labcoats at Woking Group, with a regular class starting in the Summer Term (after Easter).

When: 1 March for age 6-8, 29 March for age 9-12. Time for both sessions 1-2pm.

Where: at our hall – 7th Woking Scouts Hall, New Community Building, Woking Park, Kingfield Road, Woking, Surrey, GU22 9BA (look here for directions)

Cost: £6 per child for the taster, cost of regular class TBA.

How to book: make a payment by either PayPal to or bank transfer to account number 72056968, sort code 30-99-80. If using PayPal make sure you choose the ‘Family and Friends’ option to avoid transaction fees.

Follow your payment with an email to providing your child’s name and age. You will receive an email from us confirming your payment and place.

About Little Labcoats:

Little Labcoats is a creative play experience that uses science as inspiration.
The science element is not developed with complicated equipment as it mostly involves easy-to-make-at-home experiments, with easy access materials and ingredients which you can even find in your kitchen cupboards!
The heart of it all is to encourage exploring, questioning, experimenting, helping the development of ideas with a very basic scientific thinking behind it, which will hopefully kick start the love for Science in our attendants (and their parents too!)

About Us:
We are Luci & Jenn and we are mums. We are not Professors or teachers. Luci has a degree in Biological Sciences and a 12 year career as a research scientist; Jenn moved from a BDS Dentistry degree to work in Television & Music; We met at an NCT antenatal course and have been friends ever since; we both have small children and love the challenges that come with keeping them entertained while trying to get them to learn something! We both are a bit geeky in different ways, so Science through play is a match made in heaven in our eyes. We both enjoy the idea of a balanced working-family life, so we decided to create one for ourselves. Little Labcoats is born from 2 key elements we both feel very strongly about: Kids having fun and learning & Science. So why not share that!

We are a small business not a franchise. We are letting Little Labcoats grow at its own pace, listening to our community and opening the door to parents & their little ones to come and join us for a different play experience in our area. We want to inspire. We want to make a positive impact. So we are taking it one sciencey step at the time. We really hope you & your little one like discovering this new world with us. Thank you for coming to play!

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One Response to Science at Woking HE Group

  1. laurence lee says:

    Leave it with me for both science and steel drumming, will get time over the weekend to check dates and book !

    Kim x

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