Philosophy Workshops for Teens and Tweens – POSTPONED

A philosophy workshop with the Philosophy Foundation (details below). If there’s sufficient interest, we will start a regular teens philosophy course in September.

Monday 23 April 2018, 10:30 – 13:00.
First session (age 11-13) 10:30 – 11:30.
Break 11:30 – 12:00
Second session (age 14+) 12:00 – 13:00.

Scouts hall, Woking park (New Community Building, Woking Park, Kingfield Road, Woking, Surrey, GU22 9BA).

The workshop is for children in age groups 14+ and 11-13.

£10 per child (£8 for a sibling).
The fee is non-refundable unless we cancel the event but you’re welcome to sell your place if you can no longer attend (provided the age is appropriate).

Please send payment to using Friends & Family and include in the comments the names and ages of the children.
Please also include your email address if different from your paypal email as further communication will be made via email.

About the workshop:
At the philosophy sessions children are invited to share in the wonder, creativity and exchange of ideas at the heart of philosophical enquiry.

In a small group, children will be encouraged to think deeply and tackle big questions through story, discussion and playful expression. At The Philosophy Foundation, we aim to develop children’s thinking in order to equip them for life-long learning and with the creative and critical thinking skills essential to modern life.

The workshop would introduce young people to philosophising, to thinking and talking together, and learning about the history of ideas through their own thoughts.

At The Philosophy Foundation, our philosophical worldview is reasoned, re-evaluative and reflective. Philosophy aims to reach truth and knowledge through a process of reasoning, by testing intuitions in order to reach understanding, by discerning what matters and by making sound, though provisional, judgements.

Our emphasis is on doing philosophy. Though our sessions are based on content from the history of ideas, our aim is not to ensure the children memorise that content, but to engage them in the act of actively thinking about the issues that arise. There are, therefore, some corresponding philosophical virtues central to the activity of philosophising. These include:

· A demand for clarity.
· An exploration of meaning.
· A demand for good justification.
· The testing of all of the above against experience.

Mutual respect is at the heart of philosophical exchange. Our philosophy sessions uses a method of enquiry which encourages the children to consider the issues before us in a critically collaborative way –the children are not in competition with each other but are working towards improving their understanding together. This does not mean that the children must agree with each other! But they must disagree with respect for each other and by giving reasons.

Importantly, our specialist teachers’ role is to facilitate the discussion but not to take part in it. This means that they do not offer any personal views on the issues being discussed, instead they use a questioning technique which guides the discussion to ensure it is appropriately philosophical. Our emphasis is on teaching the children how to think, not what to think.

Examples of questions or content we may cover on the workshop could include: What can we know? What makes an action wrong? Are we free? Who should rule?
What is philosophy & why should my child do it?
Well, firstly: it’s fun! The Philosophy Foundation sessions are a great way to engage young people in thinking about big questions such as: Can a robot ever be a person? Should some people have more power than others? Why should I be good? Engaging with these questions, through stories, poems, games and pictures for thinking, children also develop their creative and critical reasoning skills. Philosophy helps them problem-solve together, consider questions that don’t have an answer in the back of the book and will challenge their thinking and reason giving. Children will engage with the history of ideas and in a wide variety of topics that can develop their thinking across the curriculum from English to Science and Maths. Particularly useful in today’s society is the application of these thinking skills to digital critical literacy: they can use what they learn in philosophy to help spot fake news, and to analyse what they see and hear in the world.

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Growing Up during World War Two: a pair of talks

Growing Up during World War Two:
A talk by two octogenarians from opposite ends of the world.
One was born in 1929 in the U.K., and experienced the ravages of the blitz. The other was born in 1936 in British Malaya; her father was a spy for the Indian National Army, allied to the Japanese and fighting for the independence of India from the British Empire.
They will give a pair of talks describing their experience of growing up before, during and after the War years, followed by a time for questions.
This is a unique opportunity for our children to hear living witnesses from this momentous era of history, from two very different points of view.

for more info and how to book your place please go to our group page on Facebook and look under Events (you will need to join if not already a member):

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Poppy Factory Visit

A group visit to the Poppy Factory, Richmond, has been arranged for January 2018. It is for children age 10+ and accompanying adults. £10 refundable deposit required to secure a place. Booking closes 8 December 2017. Please see our Facebook group page for more information

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Yoga Conditioning class for adults at Woking Group

11:15 – 12:15 Wednesdays, starting 4 October 2017. £6 PAYG. more info here.

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New at Woking Group – contemporary dance and social time

A new dance class for 11+ is starting on Wednesday 4 October in a purpose built gym hall with sprung floor and floor length mirrors. Our group hall is open for social time 12:30 – 14:30 for regulars, occasionals and those who are considering home education and want to have a chat. £2 per family or part family. More info here.

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Drama and script writing classes with Guildford Shakespeare September 2017

GSC_standard_CLOSE_CROP_1These two very popular classes with Guildford Shakespeare Company (GSC) are now available to book. They are for ages 8-16 and take place in Woking on Wednesday mornings term time. A short description of the classes available here. For more information and to book please contact GSC directly and ask about the Woking Home Education Wednesdays classes. If the email link doesn’t work please use this email:

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September 2017 classes

Image result for autumn

Information on our September 2017 classes is now available. Booking for French and German with Anna’s Language Lab has started. Booking for script writing and drama with Guildford Shakespeare Company for new families starts on 17 July 2017.

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